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Powerful, Low-Cost Solar Performance Analytics

Maximize Revenue  •  Improve O&M Efficiency  •  Build Better Solar Projects



PRISM® is your cloud-hosted SaaS analytics solution for understanding and improving the operational performance of your commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant fleet.

Maximize Revenue

Detect Fixable Issues and Improve PV System Production

  • Identify underperforming facilities for prompt troubleshooting and remediation

  • Detect low-performing inverter blocks, DC outages, stalled trackers, and array shading

  • Detect soiling and snow cover to inform module cleaning decisions

  • Quantify clipping and curtailment loss to evaluate energy storage retrofits

  • Evaluate and optimize tracker settings to maximize energy generation

Improve O&M Efficiency

Automated analytics save time and streamline workflows for your performance engineers, asset managers, and field teams.

Actionable, Targeted Maintenance Recommendations

  • Use PRISM's automated and searchable field maintenance checklists to:

    • Pinpoint on-site O&M troubleshooting

    • Quantify lost production
    • Detect faulty and/or misaligned sensors

  • Dive deeper into tracker and zone-level performance with add-on diagnostics


System Performance Benchmarking and Breakdowns

  • Automate monthly and annual performance reporting with PRISM's weather-adjusted modeling engine

  • Eliminate clunky and slow spreadsheet-based tools

  • Reduce engineering effort spent on troubleshooting and investigation of possible issues
  • Free up O&M resources to address the actual issues

API Access to PRISM Analytics Data Products

  • Access PRISM time series analytics products, including:

    • Weather-adjusted expected output

    • Soiling/snow losses

    • Inverter losses

    • Curtailment loss

    • Modeling losses

  • Integrate PRISM seamlessly with in-house monitoring and analytics


Build Better

Make future project designs more reliable and profitable with data insights from your operating fleet.

Compare historical fleet performance across different equipment manufacturers and PV system architectures.

Validate production modeling assumptions to improve accuracy of project valuations.



PRISM Performance Analytics Engine

  • Create a solar facility digital twin to benchmark measured energy production against a weather-adjusted target

  • Gain insight into production shortfalls with performance breakdowns distinguishing among weather-related effects, model error, and actual system performance issues

  • Improve performance with data-driven recommendations and auto-generated O&M checklists


PRISM Cloud Platform Features

  • Standardized monthly reports plus on-demand reports for custom date ranges

  • Dynamic charting and data visualization capabilities

  • Fleet-wide analysis and query capabilities

  • Robust loss estimates for inverter underperformance and outages, snow and soiling buildup, power factor and curtailment losses, and transposition and module temperature model error

  • Searchable maintenance issue database with associated lost production calculations

  • API access to PRISM time series data products


Performance Optimization

  • Tracker Diagnostics: Verify sun tracking accuracy and identify stalled and incorrectly configured trackers

  • Zone-Level Diagnostics: Identify underperforming inverter DC zones to support on-site troubleshooting

  • Tracker Optimization: Tune tracker settings to maximize energy generation

  • Consulting Analysis: Evaluate major maintenance, repower, or retrofit options

  • Update long-term P50 energy projections according to historical performance


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